Adrienne Brayshaw

me on the road to recovery (2)I had a major health scare when I awoke from an eight-day coma, to be told that I had been critical for 53 hours. I did not have any idea that I had any problems with my health, and I had been so busy being a good ‘citizen that I really had ignored myself and my well-being. I had been so busy doing what ‘society’ deems as necessary that I had got to my 50s, and disappeared for nearly a fortnight with no-one noticing. 

This soul-shattering experience has made me review my priorities.  I am struggling to find myself and my place in life again. I am a true child of the sixties and I am not giving up my rose-coloured glasses for anyone. I believe in equality for all; enjoying the game of life; I will experience all that life can offer.  I will continue to try to make a difference…despite the idiots out there who think the world is only here for their needs, and I would really like to ensure that this world is better for having me here.

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