No place to start…

Hello to all, and I think most of you can still read my words. Today it will be I  very random with my life being the focal part. As the eldest child, my life appeared to revolve 457805 around a family where I was the only child with good health, so I was the ‘Cinderella’ and filled the demands Ma had for me. Sadly the hugs, kisses, and praise was never attached, I was just the fat, useless child (it was discovered I have dyslexia nearly 25 years later). By the time I left school I had a major ‘, I am unloveable, unless, the overweight young lady who would never go very far in life. 

The man I married continued with this wonderful groundwork. Not long after our son was born and he left so I raised the children on my own. Yes, the family blame me for him leaving…still do to this day. I covered all the scars and carried on as the though one I had been conditioned to be. Now I have had as much as I can take and they is no one for me. No family, no government departments, no friends.

It is scaring the hell out of me – what happens the day I wake and cannot face yet another day without someone to help me through the day. 

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