Each new day is magical…

Hi to all and I hope that your day has been good for you. I spent most of today sleeping and getting up to visit the toilet or have painkillers, tablets, and food….yes in that order, whilst I am happy with my efforts in the past two weeks it is really pushing me.

I had one of my friends on the Island ring this morning to organise a coffee morning for Tuesday and I am really looking forward to it. I have not had the time to see her in a few weeks so it will be to catch up on the gossip. 

I am going to focus on the house tomorrow and start with my room so I can make it into a working den. I really want to get this parenting guide up and running as it is an important project. I am going to work on building my skills back up to where they should be. I need to be available to read, write and speak as I could before.

I helped people who were where I am, I read about them over the years and it can be down to I simply need to set out the stairs set out. I need to get back to the person who could do the week I have had and NOT have to sleep the full day to recover. 

I am going to have a long soak, fresh Queensland banana smoothie and watch the Avengers. I hope your Sunday is perfect. uni-unicorns-9274157-400-320

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