Life is to short to be serious!

A wonderful hello to all and I hope that everyone has their weekend planned for a relaxing one. This blog will be a short one as I have had a full week and think I will just have an early evening. I have had a good one although it has been a little on the tiring side. Who would have thought that my daughter could possibly have been correct when she told me that I needed to go and do things, not just hide in the house and only go out when I was forced too

0f29fc9ac08066f9a9e3fbaccd5c444fToday I had to visit with my psychologist and I am having a bad day so I was expected it to be very difficult, yes I am in pain and I am having heaps of issue with my memory, but I did what I had to do without too many issues. I was late for my psychologist, but I had done my food buying and got my coffee, so all was good.  I had a simple dinner but am going to have to do some serious cooking tomorrow as I have got the full weeks meals. I have always been a weekend cook and I reckon if I am going to build myself a new life I should have the bits I liked.

I am going to create new cookbooks veggie strong, meal lean and really use the FRESH herbs and spices. Since I have had my stroke I have noticed that my taste has really changed so this will be fun.  I am also going to explore the difference in styles of food and when we eat it. I was raised to have cereal in the morning and lamb chops with veggies as the night meal but those some of the food sites I have been looking at have what would be considered an evening meal set out as a morning meal…it looks great. 

Thank you for dropping by and having a read of my blog. I hope you have a delightful weekend.

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