Back to the drawing board….

Well, I hope that you are all in a great place and really good. I have been doing some ‘feel good’ type reading from those books I purchased yesterday and dosing. I have found the books really good as the expense involved is very little ie use a bag of flour as a weight and so on. This has made me feel really happy because I can then set them up as I feel like on any other day, and I will not feel like a useless person.

I know that going back to work again is most certainly out of my doing, however, I have so many skills I can find something to do…tutor, writer, library reader for their junior mornings interaction with, doing a parenting facebook – look at what your child’s strengths and work with the page so I can share with parents and it will also enable parents to post problems for feedback.


Lost my extra weight and get this 56 year old body back to being able to do what it could – full triathlons, run up the Pyramid at Gordonville , Sydney jog, money raising run in Brisbane for school extras, Melbourne City Run because it made me feel good but there was always someone who benefited from these activities. I would ride my bike to the gym, do an aerobic work out, this was after I had swum a mile along the Cairns Machan Beach waterfront, before riding the bike back home, shower and ride to work. The scales would come in at 64 kgs give or take (even though I am meant to be 54) but I was happy and could wake at 3 in the morning do everything I wanted to do (I was in a job that is a male job so I had plenty of weightlifting and coped with it no problems). I raised the kids on my own and did 2 degrees, volunteered at their school, worked at the University library and managed to find new and exciting activities for the neighbour kids to do most weekends. In Brisbane, the city council has school kids fares on the weekends at a zero cost so I did not have to worry about where we would go.

Now that I have stopped feeling sorry for myself, and yes I have lost a lot of the skills I have counted as my assets for the better part of my life, people die at any age and feeling sorry for myself will not stop it from happening but it will certainly waste what I have left of it. I need to get myself into the body I had, psychically able to do what it could do, work toward rebuilding the brain to its former self and take it from there.

07b410ded93124a2274cd71265a8902cI can tell you all that I will get the act into place I have forgotten about. I have so many of yesterdays workout good so all I have to do is repeat the performance tomorrow. Looking at my new books and being silly doing the puzzle book for today does not make me feel naughty, and on my off days, I in can do this all will be good.

Thank you again for reading this though as I repeat it enough times to get it into my brain so that it is set as the main activity to do. I hope you all have a heavenly nights sleep and a wonderful day.

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