The journey is moving…

Hello to all and thank you for dropping by to see what I have been up to. Before I venture into my day I am going to say that I hope you all have had a wonderful night or day depending on where in the world you are. 

  newjourneyI visited the daycare centre and the manager said that she would be happy to have me on the days I felt I could cope and I was so happy because she agreed with me that the medical condition I have really do mean that I can not work with our little people as the central teacher. After that, I went off to get my new tablets and do the food shopping as I am serious about losing weight and if I can not achieve that at less make myself healthier.

I when to the newsagent to get a scratchy to go with my ‘feel good coffee’ and they were having a massive clearance of adult books – Calm Meditation made Simple: Walking for fitness: Yoga made Simple: Strength  Training, exercises for women,  so I purchased them and this way I can do what it want. I also got lavender oil (pure) to help with the sleeping. 

I am going to work on the total reinvention of me on all levels. There are days I am in that much pain that taking a breath of air just about kills me so I will rest in the bath with some good oils and an easy to read romance. On the days I have more energy I can go for a work, I am going to train myself to fill in the spaces I have not long got and monitor the progress.

Well, I am tired again and I thank you so much for reading the actions of my day. It does mean the world to me, I was so tired this evening when I got home but rather than going straight to bed I knew I had to do an update. I hope you all have a peaceful evening and a wonderful day xx

2 thoughts on “The journey is moving…

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  1. Now the journey begins as a blogger. You have to convince your reader enough about what you post. Ok. I was like you 3 years ago. This is about showing passion.

    Am patrick by name . This is the advice i have for you. Keep the good work.

    You welcome dear friend.

    Peace ✌and Love ❤


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