Writing to Friends…

pen and paperGood evening to all, a delightful hello and again this is going to be a quick blog. I am off tomorrow to meet with the manager of the daycare centre so I want to be able to show off my best side. I am really looking forward to being able to show what I can do and be working with little humans has always been a strength I have. 

I am still sore and have aches in places that I forgot I had but one of my fellow bloggers does marathons and I am using his blog to guide me. It is just a matter of achieving and tracking my improvement. When I just worked my way through it all it comes down to aches and pains laying in bed scared of dying and getting more and more depressed, or having all these aches and pains and getting myself together, ignore the voices in my head, and go for walks go to library, go for a coffee – the activities are endless. This daycare centre may not give me the job but I can volunteer for the 15 hours per week, so that I can start to rebuild my lost skills and have fun to teach little people what this wonderful world has out there for them.

I have also that this Island has a couple of centres with women in my age bracket with an illness like I have, and they get together to support each other so I am going to start to find out about them and joining up, I was a social person and I have lost any social interaction because I was seeing this as a punishment for all those years that I help those that Society ignored. The lady I met yesterday on the way home had her turn 10 years ago, she has a friend here on the Island that goes back about 3 years and is still finding her way. It was so nice to find others who are making a living with some of their important traits missing.

I am going to keep you all up to date, both good and bad, as I reinvent myself, some may just be a line or two, others will look like an early Ulysses. As a dyslexic who has spent 56 years  hiding it from the big people in the world I am going to share the missing bits but this time I am not going to hide my shortcomings but rather let the world see what I can fix up some and I have lost for good and asking for tips on how to overcome the problem.

Thank for reading through all of this and allowing me the freedom to write out my plans on paper. I hope that you have a restful night and a productive day.

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  1. Let people see the beauty in your imperfection…. You never know, you might be touching someone’s live positively showing the person that there is hope for him/her in our world


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