Only one thing needs to change…


Good evening to all, and I hope that you are in great form. I have that a really big day so this is going to be a short one, but good for me.   I started with the RLH Neurology Health Service Centre Clinic and the specialist spent over an hour with me and then he went and got the Head of the Department. After about another half hour these two wonderful doctors, I have had some of my meds changed and put me on a 4 month observation time frame, of course, if there is any change I am to get the ambos to bring me to the hospital ASAP. They are not too sure what it is but I am to keep a diary of my turns and the kids have to take notice of when I get up through the night and if I can have a conversation. If not they have to write it up and the doctors will review this when I go back.

With that all finished I had an appointment with the job network and I am to go into a daycare centre on the island (about 10 houses from our place) for 15 hours a week. I go in on Wednesday for an interview. I really would like to get this because I am really good with child and I know that if I have one of my odd moments the kids will just think it is a silly thing. So keep your fingers crossed for me as I would love to be able to work with our little people.

Well I did tell you it was going to be short and I have run out of energy, and have to get myself into bed. Thank you for sharing this with me, I am so excited and really looking forward to it. Have a good day or a peaceful evening.


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