Reinventing myself!

Image result for reinventing yourself at 50Good evening and I hope that your weekend has been kind to you. This will not be too long as I am sleepy and I have had a full day.

I have done my tasks today and am quite happy with what I have organised for the visit to the clinic tomorrow. I feel really good for what I did but I am not sure how much sense it will make. I am going to have a good, positive day tomorrow. I am really looking forward to taking my walk to the ferry, bus trip to the clinic. It will be really good to know just how serious my condition really is. 

I have been watching a new series that is a really good show “The Good Place” it is funny. I have worked my way through all that task that I set up for me tomorrow, which makes me feel good, and happy with the start of finding A NEW ME! I have some memory loss and the left-hand side is still not working properly, and the medical team have not given me an exact cause or just how much of my abilities I have lost.

I have added the web page that I spent some time to read today. It is lovely to read and really makes getting older a little less frightening. I am signing off as I have an early start and it will be a long day, so I hope that your day/night is good and you get a peaceful night sleep.




The Feisty Fifties’ Club

Reinvent Yourself After 50! /


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