Welcome back to the World!

A cheerful hello to all and a big hug extended to those who sent their support and helpful words to me. I have decided to begin by getting my body back into shape as my first activity. One task at a time is all I can cope with at the moment, so that is it as all this pressure I can force onto my body. 

I have been reading about people who have come back from medical problems that are far worst then what I am looking at. I have been adjusting to what the medical profession are having problems with identifying. I have not got any way to fix it, I have no name to attach to it, However, now that the doctors have a name for the possible illness and that it can range from single to severe, and that I can really do things to reduce the impact that it has on my body.

I have always been a proactive person that started at the age of five with the Vietnam war and going out with the adults to try to stop it and also to try and get the Aboriginal people the right to vote and be viewed as citizens. I have always been one to not be scared to stand against any authority that thinks they have the right to undermine those who simply want to have their views treated as real.

AAODDS-Against-All-Odds-EXCLUSIVE-Meet-Katja-Kremenic-20-290x290I have decided that I am going to act out the way I use to advise my students and youth when life decided to try them. I can not believe that I have wasted nearly a year of my life feeling sorry and scared just because I was scared I was going to done before I got to do what I wanted to do. 

I have missed all that time doing nothing but feeling sorry for myself because there was not a group to help me find my way back…I am that person and have been for years, so it is time to stop feeling sorry for myself and work my way one step at a time.

So I am going to get fit and thin and fine with an eating habit that suites me, I can not believe how many different styles there are. I am also going to visit a physiologist as I have heaps of damage in my back, shoulders, spine. My doctor also thinks that I could use a water gym sessions. The best bit of this is that I am down to 102kgs and last year when I had that turn I was 122kgs so I am heading in the right direction.


So oven the next months you are going to get the first hand as I rediscover myself and rebuild myself into someone I can be proud of. A person that may not be able to work again but one that can help with those who are going through what I have just spent the past twelve months going through. It is so funny that I was frightened of dying that I did not do anything I had wanted to because I was so scared that this was the truth. It was so odd when you lose nine days and no one can tell you why?

I would like to thank everyone who has been reading my blog to date and does not worry about leaving wonderful help. I know I will not have all good time but I am going to focus on the good thing and ignore the negative. Thank you and have a great day/night.



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  1. Hi Adrienne,
    Firstly don’t be too hard on yourself, the past year has been hard for you to adjust to and when you’re in the middle of dealing with things, it’s hard to think of anything else. It sounds to me that you have now come to terms with being unwell and are now ready to tackle healthy eating/exercise. Good for you, I look forward to following your progress xx

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    1. Thank you for your words of support. I know it will be hard work as I have really been feeling sorry for myself with the “why me” attitude, so I will have to get myself back into….”this is another day let me see what I can do with it.” I have to go and see the specialist on Monday and I have planned the day out, so I can make it into an ME day. Something like a nice picnic day, this way it is more fun and less of a medical visit.
      Thank you for your lovely response, it is all ways nice to know that you have people cheering for you.

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      1. Absolutely, just focus on each day as a new day. Any progress you make is fantastic also don’t worry too much about it when things aren’t moving as fast as you’d like.
        I’m great at offering supportive advice to others and really bad at following it myself!
        My physical recovery from cancer treatment was hard and I would constantly be frustrated at my limitations.


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