Back on Line…

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Hello to all and I am sorry for the break in chatting. I have had some problems with my thinking process. I hope that life has been treating you all with lots of love and joy.

I have been having lots of problems with my moods and learning to get back to being able to remember anything or organise myself with simple tasks that are considered as early childhood task. I went to the hospital last week as I really was going to go off and finish it ..I can not deal with any of this, I am dyslexic, have an abused childhood, marriage and I have managed to overcome all this to get hit with this now. I really get the idea that something wants me to feel as if I have a crime to pay for it. 

I have an appointment to go and see a specialist next week and the hospital have a file for me, so I just have to call them and they have to take me to the hospital. I just feel like I have been naughty and am being punished, but I do not know what reason?

I am going to write a proper blog tomorrow after I have finished doing some housework. I fell so bad because I have not even opened the computer until lunchtime yesterday. I just do not feel as if I can not cope with anything. Thank you for reading this, I really do appreciate it.

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  1. You have such a lot to deal with, you are doing the right thing in reaching out for help.
    Your WordPress family are here for you too, keep talking to us as well.
    Take care xx

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