Dreaming is too scary…

Hi to you and I hope that your day is wonderful. I have had a good day reading other bloggers words on their terror from dreams that they have experience, and without sounding like I am horrid it is a comfort to know that others go through what I am going through. 

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My daughter and I had a serious discussion last night where she told me straight that I have always been a strong person and that this weaken shell who can not do anything is like a stranger to her. She had told me that I must treat me as if I am one of her clients and act as I would for them. She is right, and if I had me come in as one of the kids I assisted, the first thing I would do is get them to work through to the event and were the first sign began. For me, it was after the 9-day coma and I have just not been the same – loss of language base, loss of feelings, brain impairment (left-hand side)  and having great problems remembering a variety of other things. So at the end of the chat and looking through what others do with the problem, and they go to the local mental health centre to get real help so they can then sort out the rest. This time I will just have until the doctors tell me that I can go.


I have used all the energy I have for today and am going to have a little sleep. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on this Friday. I hope your weekend will treat you well. 


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