Mother’s Day!

images (3)A cheery hello to all and I hope that your weekend has been wonderful. I have been in bed for most of the day as I have a migraine but I am over the worst of it so now I get to annoy you!!!  Today’s Mothers Day but I am one of those odd creatures that raised her offspring with the belief that as offspring you should treat you Ma as if Mother’s Day is every day. To all those out there that care for our younger generation, thank you for the wonderful job you do and know that it really is appreciated.

I am going to the workshop tomorrow, my hearing test on Tuesday and I think I will go to the hospital to see if they can admit me for the tense care. I think that the bodily healing will happen at a better rate after I get my brain back to where it should be. I am going from one spot to another without any idea as to what I am doing. To quote one of the Doctors’ from the Wagga hospital “I am one very lucky lady as I should not have made it back from the coma”.  The person the ambo’s brought into the hospital was in traumatic care, an array of other problems, so the fact that I am still here is a big bonus. I simply need to adjust to getting myself into a working person. Step one is that I need to get my mind into a working order or as best as I can.

images (3)

I am like so many people out there who have raised children or are raising kids, it is a 24/7 job and very thankless. You get one thing wrong, and everyone is very critical but the bonus job is no thanks for just how good you are doing. Your young ones start to show negative or anti-social behaviour and it is a credit to your poor parenting. I know that I have a collection of mental issues I should have sorted out prior to my turn, but with the extra health problems I do not have any chose anymore I need to fix them up.

I have been given a second shot at this so I could not waste it, just work done according to the importance of my skills. I have used Mother’s Day as my day to decide where I want to and work my way to play Mother for me. I had a good brain and a great selection of skills which the medical staff will help me recover some of them. The medical staff that I can get someone and get other parts of the brain to learn how to do what is missing, but it will be hard work. My GP has told me that once I have that fixed I can move on to the body repairs. So it is a slow step but going to happen.  

Thank you for your time and I hope that you tomorrow is wonderful.

14100468_988886864567251_3297868999696394126_nMe with my two darlings.

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