Pathway to hope!

A delightful hello, and I am so sorry for the break in my blogging but we have had a couple of days of real storming weather and our systems are not working as they should, and because I have an internet pad is a little on the older side I have to wait for one of the kids to refresh my net details so it will run as it is meant to. I am one of those who is happier with a ‘proper’ book in my hand, going into a store and engaging with a ‘real’ person to purchase my needs, and in general doing things the old fashion way. 

images (3)I am not too sure if I told you about my Wednesday and how it all went (one of the nice things about having memory lose everything is still new and exciting, but sorry to you if you have been through this already), the job network has organized for me to attend an introduction to job seeking info session  in the afternoon with a computer introduction tutorial for the following week. I have one of my specialist’s appointments that I told my case manager about and she told me that it would have to be approved by them first. When I asked my doctor about it she gave me a medical letter to be taken straight to Centrelink which will cover me. My doctor said this way if I was well enough I could go, if I needed to leave I could go and any medical matters came first. Which certainly made me feel better. I am getting very close to going to the mental health unit for some serious time to get it all together. I feel like I am so close and then something like that happens and I am back to that ‘kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar returning the goods your sibling took, and no grown up listening.’

I am going in on Tuesday afternoon to have my hearing properly tested and the lovely gentleman who did the quick one on Wednesday said that I will most certainly need them, it is just how much they will need to be adjusted to. One thing I did find very funny was my right-hand side ear is the one that is in a worse condition than the left. A case of left side brain problem so right has stepped up to even it out!

I have had a big week with medical Wednesday and shopping, the rest of the week I have been doing housework without too many problems. I am still not sleeping any better and the most horrid nightmares invade once I am asleep, the kids have said that there hear nothing which is one thing I suppose. It is so hard to wake myself from them and when I do I am in a horrid place with the bed a mess I am really wet and shaken and too scared to go back to sleep.

downloadI am slowly beginning to realize that I need to get myself fixed up as I helped my young people did for themselves. I have lost parts of my English, so what and stop feeling sorry for myself, it is either re-educate myself or learn to work with what I have. It certainly does not mean I can not write books, or help people learn English. There are a vast array of tales from survivors of strokes that make mine look like a tiny hiccup, so a few sessions at the local water aerobic centre and find a food eating programme that works for me and will keep me safe from a second showing whilst helping me find my healthy weigh.

Thank you again for reading my thoughts and planning, I so appreciate it. I have far to go but I know I will get there. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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    1. Thank you again for your continued support. I am thinking of going to the mental health unit for a little break and see if I can get myself sorted out properly. I can not continue on like this.

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