Round hole / square box – YES or NO?

different_not_broken_mental_health_shirt-r093be355dd4142989690693f3ecb7d18_jyn6h_324A delightful hello and I hope your day was all you could have hoped for. I have been home about an hour and this is with me leaving at 7am. It has been a really big day but I am happy with my results. My GP agrees that I should more than likely be in the rehab programme which will allow me to rebuild my self-confidence (did not have much to start with), address what I have playing games in my head, and feels that this will enable me to get to the point where I no longer feel as if everything that goes wrong is my fault.

I got stopped by a bloke from the hearing shop just short of me getting the bus, and as I have been promising myself that I would go for this test, I took this as a sign and had the first step. I was really amazed at how little hearing I actually have. My left side is better than my right side but I am returning for the proper test next Tuesday. The gentleman who was looking after me did say that it will be a little different but not that much. So I am up for hearing aids as well, this one I can deal with as all that wonderful R&R concert I went to is worthy of a little lost of hearing, and all reading this who lived through the 70s with our wonderful bands can stop laughing…my rebellious Aunty took me to this concert I was the tender age of 11 and my life has never been the same. It must have taken a good week before my hearing returned, but ‘proper’ rock had another supporter.

My psychologist can see where some of them are coming from but would rather I work through this as we cover the steps she feels are necessary. I did explain to her that this goes back a little further than the Stroke in June. I had a meltdown in April and ended up in a Mental health unit for short visit, then released with the promise I would visit a psychologist on a fortnightly base for at least six months. I did show her the letter that the one in Wagga had written and I told Corrine that nothing had really changed. I still have demons tvoierrorising me, am still trying to make believe that I am the same today as I was 10 years ago, but the sad bit is that I have never had to blame with my nightmares.

Anyway my friend I hope you have not found this to boring ( I really enjoy those day where I feel as if I am getting somewhere). I hope you have a restful evening and a joyful day

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