Finding what is hidden!

A sweet hi to you and hope that you have enjoyed your day. I have had one of those days where I can not be sure what it is controlling me. I slept until 3:20 pm but I will say that I did not go into a proper sleep until 6:40 am, I had one of those night terror evenings. All those really bad horror films from the 1970s rolled into one and invaded my mine.

I know that I am really invading my kid’s space and I know that it is an annoyance that they could do without, I simply do not know where to go. I cannot stand on my own and I have no other family that would be willing to support me, despite the fact that I have always helped them when needed. Tomorrow I may be lucky enough to get some answers about finding somewhere to live and getting my head into a place where I can sleep at night like normal people. I have the employment agency, GP and psychologist tomorrow, so it is a full day for me. But enough of feeling sorry for myself, I like these blogs where I explore a different topic  – annoys the demons as I can cut out their voices whilst I am working on this.

I have been looking at the massive array of recreational activities that people have available to them. I love doing handcrafts – knitting, sewing, bookbinding, crocheting, cooking, candle making and so on but I have found pages of ‘to do craft things’ I have never thought about. Making beautiful clothing, odds and ends for houses, glorious Christmas accessories, exquisite furniture, the list is endless. Even the ones I thought I had down to breathe taking do not compare to the skills of other with ‘homemade’ crafts.


I love visiting the local markets, not only does it look like a gathering of flower-power kids but the craft work is breathtaking. I have a friend who hand makes natural candles and sells them online as well as covering the markets. I have over the years came home with pre-loved objects and reconditioned them, either to give to friends or make my house look better. I have found that doing crafts to be relaxing and very often I have lost track of the time. I have even worked with my males mates repairing their cars (60/70s models – real cars)  and again found that to be relaxing.  

images (3)I also think that writing is a craft that we do for an array of reasons, to educate, to advertise, to communicate, to dream, to help, to talk. Yes TALK, I have had people tell me over the years that this is a contradiction, one cannot write and talk at the same time but for me, I talk the best when I write it as my way of talking. I feel the tales from centuries ago penned by writers and what they talked about. So for me writing is my safe haven, my way to see how others see what is happening by looking at the tales and adventures captured via their story-telling.

As I have a full day tomorrow I am going to sign off now but not before thanking you for reading my words. I hope that you tomorrow is wonderful and I will be back in the evening.

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