I still get scared by having to see people who sit in judging me…

Good Evening to you. I hope you have enjoyed your weekend and found all the calm and love you need. Tonight I am just writing a short blog as I have to have an early night because of my appointments tomorrow, and the early start it requires.  It is a full day as I have to go to the go agency to sign up, then to Centrelink to see why they have made the discussion to move me back to a full-time worker. I plan to do a little shopping while I am there so that it will be me for the day.

I really feel so bad but when I look at it I know it is because people are making a judgment based on a stereotype because of the way media and politicians have portrayed unemployed people over the years. I have managed to regain some of my calmness but mostly because I have done activities that I know require me to think a lot. 

I  know that I will get judged as being lazy, looking for any reason to avoid holding down any job. I have prepared my paperwork so that I can show them that it is my medical issues and not my lack of skills that stop me from work.


I find myself questioning just how much thought is given by employed, healthy people to the issues that the chronically ill unemployed tacitly because they would give just about anything to be in the workforce again. I absolutely hate the fact I can not go back into the classroom, assist the highly at-risk youth or return to my job as a Binder and Finisher. There are days I can not remember personal details about myself so looking at this in a realist manner brings it down to one sample undisputed fact – at this time I can not return to work.

Thank you for your time. I hope that you have a really great week.

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