Love the Beast!



A cheerful hi to you and hope that you are having a delightful day/evening. I have had a good day so far, I have washed the guinea pig blankets, sorted a few odds and ends in the house and I will be doing my room later. I am taking a break for long enough to have a bit of a feed. Over the past couple of days, I have really taken notice of the number of people with their pets and it has been very interesting as to just how close they are, but this love is not just for what we traditionally consider our domesticated type. 

I have noted that many people posted about the rescue of animals from horrid environments, wild animals that have been taking into care as a result of the treatment they have received in the wild.  I have seen the cruel way that dogs and cats have been treated most of my life and I can never understand why you would purchase a defenceless animal just so you can treat it in such a brutal way. Then I remember my childhood where children where belted if they did something that the adults did not approve of. Marriage to a partner who sees you as his toy that gets punished for not acting as you should.

I have always found that you get more from a relationship with an animal. On days went I want to end it all the cats, dogs and gunieas know and are there for loving support. On the fun days, they can know how to extend the enjoyment. I love watching the interaction that other people have with their caring pet/friend, and I have experienced first hand those wonderful programmes that hospitals run where they bring dogs in to visit with the patiences. If you can not find your place a dog can help you even if it is only for half an hour. 

It breaks my heart every time I read about yet another wild animal going onto the endangered or extinct list and no-one seems to care. Australian platypus is now on the endangered list and it is one of the most beautiful, and unique creatures I have ever seen. It is because humans are careless with their rubbish from camping, setting traps for other creatures which catches and kills the platypus.


I love our friends at home who supply us with unconditional love and I love those that live in the wild. I really wish we lived in a world where we did not hurt for pleasure, kill without a just reason and simply allowed them to be. But I guess that there will always be those who need to have the egos patted, by killing a beast with a massive weapon,  whilst they themselves are safely hidden from view of the beast.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you find serenity for the rest of today.

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  1. Great post! There are few things that get me as angry as cruelty to animals. I don’t know how people can do it. When I look at Alfie, my beautiful black lab, and I see his adoring eyes putting all his trust in me, I feel privileged to have that relationship. I hate people who abuse that trust.

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  2. Hi and first thank you for sharing your story. To be in a coma and then be alone must have been terrifying. I hope you keep fighting for better days and having animals is definitely a plus. Maybe my blog will be of interest and inspiration, if not to bike, to walk or try other things. I’m always struggling to do better myself. As local resident and Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaghey says, “Just Keep Livin’!”

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    1. I have been reading a couple of your blogs and plan to read more. Yes, I found them wonderful. As for me I just try to get from sunup to sundown in one piece. Some days are tougher than others but that is just the nature of the beast.


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