Love my shopping trips….

A wonderful evening hello to you and I hope that your day has been good. I had to go to the shops today to get my medicine, so I am a little on the tired side and very sore. My bones just do not like the outing and start to hurt three steps from the house. My muscles are good now but tomorrow after a good nights sleep and time for them to have some planning time I will wake feeling as if I have done a 10 k run. This is not going to be a long blog as I just want to kick back and relax, but I am going to share some personal insights into when I do go shopping. 

images (3)

After my coma, I have taken to writing up a list of what I need as the memory can not be trusted. I have my walking stick which means that people do know that I am not a ‘normal functioning’ person and do tend to get help (goods on a top shelf and you get a kind soul to grab it for you) but I find that you are more likely to get a person to chat to you about what is wrong with you etc. Today I have several others who have some sort of disadvantage and we found that it was a common link between us. I felt it was very interesting that when I am out for a doctors appointment, just on the bus to get where I need to go or just looking like an average person how the attitude changes.

However, I decided to write this blog because I only had to collect my medicines and a few groceries so I had time to sit and have a coffee. I was people watching and it really was interesting, the age factor comes into it – our senior citizens are treated with respect and most able-bodied people stood back for them, help carry grocery bags and so on. I noticed that this method of behaviour was also applied to those that appeared to have some form of handicap. The little ones under about the age of five were in a group where people “baby” chatted to them, and everyone else, well it is a battle for the strongest! I did notice that ‘dogs’ were in the same category as the baby group. 

When I am having a good day I love to go shopping as I am one of those weird people who loves to talk to other shoppers…I have actually made a couple of longtime friendships from this odd habit…and today was one of my good days. I am sore now and will be in more pain tomorrow, but I feel as if I got so much out of it that the pain really does not matter.

Thank you again for joining me and I hope that your day/evening has been as good for you. May your tomorrow be just what you are after.


Did not get to this level of shopping bags…but it sure did feel like it…


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