Who has the dartboard?

fibro garfield
There are days when nothing works…

A delightful hello to you and good wishes for the day. I am writing this from my bed as I am in a full on blown up fibro flare up. In short, that means nothing on me is working, my brain has gone on holidays, the body has chatted the bones to go into a protest against the muscles, and it takes everything I hear about twenty minutes to filter to the brain. I am continuing to make a difference for me on these flare-ups.

This will not be a long blog as my mind is really not working but I have made myself that promise that I would do a blog each day unless there is a really serious reason I can not. I have a big week this week as I have to go and get my tablets tomorrow (and I have promised my doctor that I would walk the trip to the boat from home – about 3 k) and some food. We have a public holiday here on Wednesday so I will be able to rest up, but on Thursday I have to go to my doctor for a chat about the x-rays. 

On Friday I am going to sort out my tablet as I have my arts and crafts stuff in a huge mess, I spend time looking for bits and pieces when I need them and I should have them so I can just pick them up.  I really do find comfort doing the crafts but when I have a fibro flare up I can not do anything with excessive pain, and no ability to remember.

You just can not give up but rather let the body go with it.


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