Up, Down, Up, Dow…

Hello, and I am hoping that your Sunday is treating you well. 



Well, my Sunday is turning into a non-event. I woke up late, having used half the night getting to sleep. I have absolutely no energy, and really can not be bothered trying to find some motivation to do anything. I have found enough power to get my morning porridge done but given that I soak it overnight and just have to microwave it to have it finished, I really cannot be overly pleased with this.

I have my evening meal done as I had enough energy in me last night to do up a double portion of steamed veggies in the creamy Italian sauce.  This is what I dislike the most about my fibro is when you go from having what you call your ‘normal’ to having a flare-up and with my other medical issues, I cannot be really sure if I need to call the ambulance or just stay in bed.

So I am not going to argue with Mother Nature and who is in control of my body, I am going to follow the big plan and simply spend the day in bed, watching movies and going to fridge to fill the hunger. I know that the idea of a blog is to reason something out, comment on an issue that is bugging you, but sadly today I do not have that level of energy. 

I wish you a wonderful Sunday and hope that the lead into the week is perfect. xx


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