My Heart!

Hello, and I hope that your day has treated you well and you have magical plans arranged for Sunday. I went out walking with a friend this afternoon, she has bipolar and a couple of other issues so we get on well. That is not a negative comment but rather a simple fact that many people who have any form of difference from the mainstream community will understand.  We started talking about the various ways we feel and how we can often miss ideas, emotions etc that ‘normal’ people feel because our brain is on some sort of holiday or having a temper hissy-fit. We also decided that this is most likely why those of us with mental health issues tend to form friendships with those who know what we go through.


That got me thinking about the way the human body works and just how we work out all the bits and pieces. Your brain thinks for you and keeps you doing what you need to do…when you need to shower, go to work or school, the information you are taught and how to use it. Your kidneys help the body to stay clean, but most people would not know where to find them, and of course, you need to mention the gallbladder and liver…very important organ.

The stomach lets you know when you are hungry and the bowel system will tell you that you need to rid yourself of the used food. Your lungs allow you to breathe in and out, this one is very important in the process of greeting each day. And the heart pumps the blood around the body, cleaning the blood and taking what it needs. If you get any continued pains with any of these organs you should go to the doctor and seek help. 

Until last June I really had not paid much attention to where my various organs were or what their jobs are. I had no reason to know any of this information myself but now with the various medical people I visit, I am slowly learning about how the body really works. This got me thinking about my feelings…the ones where you fall over and hurt yourself are easy, I am talking about the ones when you lose a loved one and it really does feel as if there is something stabbing your heart with a massive collection of knives, trying to get it to stop!

How the heart works, pumping the blood around the body…and feeling for those we love?

I know that the heart pumps blood through the body and the brain thinks so where does this feeling come from. You break a bone and that is from the break itself. My brain is not working as it should because I cannot recall information as I should and this includes my own name which I have heard for the past 56 years. So I ended up with this huge question “just where do our emotions come from?” 

Thank you for joining me as I blog about the question that has been bothering me. Please feel free to share the answer if you know. Enjoy your Sunday xx

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    1. Hi, and I hope you are feeling great. I would have to agree with that. It is an interesting question as you feel all the pain in your chest area. I was having one of those Socrates afternoons!

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