The Power of a Memory!

Brisbane and a thunderstorm

Good Evening to you and I hope that your Friday has been gentle so that you are easing into the weekend. We are having a wonderful thunderstorm here at the moment and anyone who reads my blogs on a regular basis will know just how much I love this wonderful display from Mother Nature.

I grew up in North Queensland through the 60s and back then we would get cut off from the rest of the state because of the rain but as a child, it was so much fun. Barefooted, walking to the different places because the roads were blocked off and playing/swimming in the flood waters. No parents issuing the warning about the risks involved for us in flood water.


Ravenshoe – Far North Queensland.

I guess that all those wonderful emotions have not left me and that when the rain, lighting and thunder sets in I go back to a time when life was peaceful. I still find comfort in that sort of weather and I have people looking at me as if I am completely insane walking through the rain without an umbrella or raincoat. I guess that childhood ritual of dancing in the first storm of the season has never left me nor has the rainstorms lost their ability to make my life feel so much better.


The Barron Falls in Flood.

I am finishing with the waterfalls that were just up the road from Cairns (where I grew up) and what it looks like during the wet season. In the North we do not have the traditional four seasons as many other places do, it is simply the Wet or the Dry season. I think it is because of the simple approach we had to live in the North because of the Wet season and the fact that we were cut off and left to look after ourselves that I take so much comfort from the wonderful thunderstorms we have.

Thank you for joining me on this blog and I hope that you are happy. May your weekend treat you with much love and happiness. 



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