We Can Not Ignore Anything.

Hello to all those of you that are game enough to read my blog. I hope that all is good for you and your life. It is late here and I have had a really big day so tonight’s blog will most likely be short. I do have a little annoyance that I need to air, so I am going to do it here and now.

I visited my psychologist today and we really had a serious conversation as I am not in a good shape today. I am having one of my nothing works day, that is I cannot retain any information, I can not recall anything, my memory goes on holiday without any warning, in short, I can not be a normal person.

My psychologist took me through my medical history from where I started to have problems and that goes back to 1999. Before that, I was a single Mum (ex-husband left us 1996) working part-time in my industry and being a Mother the rest of the time. After this accident, it was put away as just bad luck because those two back discs are the ones that would have had the most pressure for the pregnancy then back to my trade.  

Now the psychologist has backed the request for the x-ray to go to my doctor and see what damage there is and just how bad it is. She said that from the injury occurring to now the body would have tried to fix it up which would then have caused more problems until we have got to where we are now.

She has said that if there is nothing there we can then look at the next thing on the list. She is pretty certain that my current problems will go back to the earlier problems not having been treated probably. So hopefully they will be able to work this out for me and it will be getting my body lined up again. I will still have the current issues because the problems with the spine and bones have been ignored for so long. But to have a starting point and know I can fix it will be great.

Thank you again for reading my blog. I hope that your next day is wonderful for you.



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