The New Gossip Format!

Hello to all and I hope that the day has been your friend. Again today it will be a short blog as I have a full day tomorrow, with the medical experts. I am going to chat about how the internet impacts on lives and it is not always for the good. When the internet first started it was restricted because of the cost so the average person there really had no interest in it. Then we had a breakthrough and it was acceptable to all.

To start will this was a good thing as people from all around the world could talk to each other, information was easily accessible and it made working easy…well that was the idea.  I can not remember the number of times that I heard that the workload had increased as we did it by hand but still completed it on the computer. 

Then we had the birth of an array of programmes that allowed the average person to chat with one and all, to see with was happening in places they had never heard of. I think the best know one was Facebook. I do not think that it has necessarily been a blessing for all. There is the benefit of support networks and the members supporting each other, but there has also been the spreading of erroneous conversations which have caused stress and cost people friendships. 

Since I got sick and was in the hospital for the fifteen days I have noticed just how negative the internet can be. I did not have any computer access for fifteen days and after that, I did not and could not interact as I was recovering and I have damage to my memory and skills attached to everything in my life including my use of the computer. My friends here became divided into two groups, those who have stuck by me and those who all of a sudden had issues with ‘Facebook’ and were opting out.  

Thanks to one of the online people I have been informed about the web support in groups that have a common connection via illness. So I have what the internet was designed for and that is to be able to bring the world to your dining room. 

Thank you again for reading my thoughts for today. I hope that your next twenty-four fours is wonderful and bring you much happiness.


It should support is in our life NOT be the device that controls us!


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