Birthdays are special!

A wonderful hello to all and I hope that your day/evening has been as sweet as you could possibly hope for! I have done a little housework late this afternoon as I woke with a massive migraine this morning. Now that I am feeling a little better I decided to jump on the computer and have a chat on my blog. I really enjoy talking to everyone on here as well as reading what you have all been up to. It allows me to see that I have people like me all over the world. I am so grateful for the support that I have been given on my really bad days and appreciative of the conversation on the other days.

Well, tomorrow is my 56th birthday and I am so pleased that I am here to celebrate it. I really do not have anything planned for it apart from an afternoon walk with some friends. I do have to go to the mainland to get my scripts filled for some of my tablets, but I think I will leave that to Tuesday or Wednesday as the number of shoppers isn’t quite as heavy mid-week. Anyway, I am still doing up my plans for what I want to do and how I will be able to finance it all. I do have to reorganise some of the things I have in my journal, as the medical team from last week’s stay in the hospital gave me a few new problems that I need to work on.

I am really amazed at how the difference in my thinking changes when you find out that you are really lucky to be here. That lovely Doctor who let it slip that I am really, truly lucky to be here has done me such a huge favour, I know that this is going to sound childish and self-centred but until he let that slip I had been under the impression that I had just had an odd turn. Thanks to him I know that it was very serious and the small amount of brain damage I have makes me incredibly lucky. 

The lovely doctor told me that there are parts of my memory that will never return, but there is no reason I can not get my head working again. He also told me that I will need to take more notice of when I am having my off periods and rest as needed. I do have issues like my watery eyes that are part of the damage from the coma…again a small sacrifice to still be here.  Know that I have this extra information and can better understand why my body behaves has it does, I will be more likely to cope.

That is it for today and yet again I thank you for your time that you have given up to read my blog. I hope that your day/night is wonderful. 

Tomorrow is my 56th birthday and I am very happy about it!


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