Second Chances Do Happen!

A bright and happy hello to all, and I hope that the day/evening is being what you desire. I have woken up with a happy mind and the body is slowly catching up. I have done my cores so I am happy. I really am feeling better getting through the list I set up for myself, it is not a big list but being able to achieve it means I am staying on track. I think the doctor telling me the real truth about the coma and just how seriously ill I had been is making a big difference. I know that I really have been given a second chance and need to make the most of it….yes I will have problems with it, I will not get back to what I was before October, but that simply means that I get to create a new me.

In two days I will be fifty-six and I have decided that by the time I reach my fifty-seventh birthday I will be back to my proper weight (between 56 to 65 kg), fit enough to take part in the local marathons, and do some sort of work that will fit in with my new abilities. I may have to re-train to get some new skills as my memory is missing large sections due to the medical treatment to keep me here, but that just means I will have to find out what it has and what I can do with it.

I am slowly rejoining the world and am starting to get annoyed about political matters so I don’t think it will be long before I get in touch with my mates that go to demonstrations, so that I can join in. I have always been involved in getting political wrongs corrected. It also means I will be able to visit friends without being too concerned able my well-being causes problems. In short, it will mean that I can pretty much live a normal life with a few restrictions that I will need to pay attention to. 


Thank you for reading my latest blog. I hope that your weekend is going to treat you beautifully and that you enjoy it greatly. xx

A second opportunity should be used with lots of love, enjoyment and exploration.




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