I am ME…


A shiny hello to all and I hope that your day is treating you with understanding and love. I have my day as a gentle day with me doing little bits of work and art as I can. I have a big week with medical visits and food shopping, so I will certainly need an entire day where I simply spend the day in bed. I think I will work on some of my craft stuff on that day as it relaxes me and I can get some new pillows so that I have support to allow me to semi sit up.

Over the past few days both via the internet and my afternoon walks, I have discovered that there is many of us who have issues of some sort, be it psychical, mental or just simply not being comfortable with who they are at the moment. This has been so beneficial for my wellbeing because it is allowing me to see that whilst I have  serious medical problems, others have gone before me, overcome them and are now making sure that they do not go down that road again, while others have health matters that they will have for life but work so that they can have a good quality life despite the restrictions. 

I have not been leaving the house unless I absolutely had to because  I am so embarrassed and self-confused about my illness. On my good days, no one can tell I am ill but it does not mean I am good therefore I get nasty comments tossed at me when I use the handicap seating etc, and on the bad days it is utterly horrid because people side step me because I do not have enough age on me to make it “help” worthy. I think now that  I have started to interact with the others on the Island and am finding that there are many people in my position and many are within my age bracket, I can adjust to the ‘cannot do’ part of me. One of my walking buddies was a Director of a National Company until she became ill and has not worked for over five years, and she has been telling me her story of how she is adjusting to being this non-working woman that has issues with doing the simple task more often then she is happy with.

I know that it sounds selfish of me but to hear the stories of people my age and younger, from around the world and in my neighbour makes it so much easier to deal with, My friends that have not left me, are just like me and have been through long time illness and have slowly adjusted to the change in their life.  I am enjoying the new friends I am making for it is allowing me to feel as if the illness is simply a ‘one step at a time’ adjustment and I am getting the insight into the having goods and bad days that are longer than that and far more serious then a day.

The Island I live on has Yoga classes, Art-making classes, a Gym, Herbalist & Homoeopathy, Iridology, Kinesiology and Vitamin and Mineral therapies, so I really am cover for a more natural approach to getting treatments without going over to the mainland. I am going to join up with some of them, others I am going to check out first just to make sure that my body and bones can handle it.

As usual, I wish to thank you for staying with me as I shared my ideas. Take care and I hope that your time is filled with what makes you happy.

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