Just being me!


A wonderful hello to all and I hope that your day/evening has been kind to you. I have been out for a walk with some new friends I have on the island. It is wonderful as they are very supportive of me and my restriction because of my health. Every time I go out with them I meet more people that exercise so I am feeling really good about it and not as if I am the only one with a problem. I am still only going out every second day as I am really sore in the muscles and joints.

I have the exercise bike at home for the alternate days, and I also do some housework on those days – such as mopping/ sweeping and the dishes so I can get the body working as it was before my stroke last year. I think the toughest part is keeping myself positive and working to the proper weight, getting the brain working and not getting upset with myself because I can not function as I use too! I know that the depression makes it so easy to give into the negative thinking…it is so much easier.

I have made myself a promise that on the 16th of this month I am going to follow a plan I put together for myself. I have been working on it for about a week and still have a week to perfect it. The 16th is my birthday so it is a perfect birthday gift from me to me. I am going to have my luxury activities, eating routine, exercise plan and my social life all sorted out. I have already put on the top of the list that I am going to be back to my proper body weight for my birthday 2019, that means getting rid of the second person that is currently keeping me company.

I am working to get my brain back to where it used to be. After the stroke, I have had major problems with English and while most of you may think that is not too bad, for me it is a nightmare. English is my first love, I am an English teacher and I also have a literature major for my BA. I had always planned to write history books and now I have trouble writing a response to Facebook.

Well, I think I have bored you enough for this session, so I will say good-bye and wish you every happiness. Thank you for joining me on this blog.


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  1. I believe with your consistent dedication you are putting together to improve yourself would help make you better… Don’t give up and it’s just a matter of time…

    I enjoy reading the optimistic words you use


    1. Thank you for your continued support, I really appreciate it. I also enjoy your work and it always gives me something to look forward to when me computer lets me know you have written spmething new.

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