Eat to live, do not live to eat!


Hello, and I hope that all is good with you. I am going to blog about food and the confusing notion of eating. Since I became sick my weight has increased to where it could be considered dangerous. Because of what is happening currently I have problems exercising, so I have been trying good eating and regular exercise that is as gentle as it can be on my joints and bones.

What has really surprised me is the number of diets available and for numerous reason. I have been given a diet to follow. It helps me to stop having any more fits but I do still feel a little odd from time to time. I have noticed that many of the diets are designed to treat illness and are not those ones you purchase from the supermarket. With my doctors support we will take ‘the several trial and error approaches’ before we find the one that will work and we are happy with.

Just to give you some idea we have vegetarian diets which void foods that contain the product of animal slaughter as well as animal-derived products like gelatin.

  • Fruitarian diet – mainly raw fruit
  • Lacto vegetarianism – A vegetarian diet that includes certain types of dairy, but excludes eggs and foods which contain animal rennet A common diet among followers of several religions, including Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism.
  • Ovo vegetarianism – A vegetarian diet that includes eggs, but excludes dairy.
  • Ovo – loco vegetarianism – A vegetarian diet that includes eggs and dairy.
  • Vegan – In addition to the abstentions of a vegetarian diet, vegans do not use any product produced by animals, such as eggs, dairy products, or honey. The vegan philosophy and lifestyle is broader than just the diet and also includes abstaining from using any products tested on animals and often campaigning for animal rights.  My son has been a vegan for years now and I am always impressed with his ability in the kitchen.

The list I have above are from my friends over the years. Then there have been a group of us that are yo-yo diets and have tried the currently trendy diet, I have tried that many over the years I can not even remember the names of them all, but they all had one thing in common they either did not work or I regained my weight within twelve months of ending the diet.

Weight control diets can be varied and when people want to lose it quickly they will often go down that trendy track but the medical profession will also use diets to assist medical requirements  – this list are some of the ones I found that are listed under this group

  • Low-calorie diets
  • Very low-calorie diets
  • Low-carbohydrate diets
  • Low-fat diets
  • Crash diets
  • Detox Diets
  • Belief-based diets

So what I have found the most complex in all of this is discovering what you want that is going to work for you. I am a lover of fresh fruit and vegetables (the only one I have ever disliked is the bean and that is only if you cook it), in fact, my doctor has said to me that the worst problem for me is my love of good food. So for me it is not so much learning what to eat but rather adjust my eating routine to suit my bodies needs. At the moment I will eat what I want when I am hungry, if I get caught up in something I will forget to eat then binge eat.  As a result of this routine over the years my system now does not function properly and when you add the other medical problems I had last year, my body’s system is completely out of order.

It is going to take a lot of the wrongs out of my eating routine and actually taking notice of the medical advice I am given – (that large container in seasoned olives, is not good as a nibble food whilst writing) – I should be able to get my body to turn itself around. I was fit and healthy for about 20 years and my body should remember that behaviour when I get myself into a routine.

Again thank you for joining me and sharing me on my journey.  Hope that your day/evening is wonderful for you.

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  1. I had no idea there were so many variations on diets and vegetarian eating … heavens! Well done you for addressing this. I have the reverse problem which is NOT wanting to eat … a bit odd however I’m supposing that in actuality you and I both require huge self discipline to keep a decent weight … so, similar but different. I like that! Lovely to meet you and look forward to reading more about you!

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