What is the norm?

A delightful and cheerful hello to you and I hope that whatever you are doing is treating you sweetly. We are having rain burst here so it is not to bad, I rather enjoy the rain than the cool breezes we get in-between. This blog is going to be another one of those where I am letting the thoughts in my head out on the paper to try to get some sense out of them. So now would be the time to drop out and do something you really what to do if you do not want to hear the rantings of a fifty-six year out lady.

I want to know what the purpose of life is and just how we achieve what we do. I was born in the 1960 and experienced an era that has been defined by its use of protest, drugs, free-love and anti-establishment was the norm. I truly was defined by this ethos’ and still think that people should have the freedom to make personal choices about how they are going to live their life. Society should allow groups to voice their views on matters, therefore allowing rules and regulations to be changed when it is necessary. 


This is the 1960s and all the activity that played a large role in making me into the person that I am. If something is wrong in the world you can not just talk about it you MUST do something about it.

I handed out information cards with my Nana about how to vote (in Australia) to make the Aboriginal People citizens of their country. I marched with some of my Aunties to try to end the Vietnam war and bring our boys back home where they belong. All of this help to create the person I turned into. If there is an injustice you must not just talk about it, if it is a cause you truly believe in then you fight to fix it and it makes no difference who you have to go up against. 

We have so many injustices occurring both in Australia and on an International level, yet most people seem to be quite content to sit quietly at home in front of the six o’clock news having a little complaint and that is it. I often remember the debates that my Nana and Aunties had with my parents because Mum and Dad thought that they would all get me into trouble. My mother still has a go at me for going out to protest, demonstrations, and rallies. And yes my folks were correct I did get arrested for protest but it has not stopped me!

I really can not understand how people can see a wrong being committed and do nothing about correcting it. I often hear people complain about the 60, and the 70s for the horrible issues that came out off them…the African Americans fighting for rights, the youth trying to not be sent to a war that was not theirs, Australian Aboriginals fighting for acknowledgement, women struggling for equality and these are just a few of the issues internationally. 

The sad thing in me going through the list where I have been involved  (various matters here at home and following what was happening overseas), is that for the ones we would fix another ten would show up. I think what upsets me the most is that the issues we fight over to make the world a better place, would be so much easier if the people who hold the real power…politicians, business owners etc, did what is the right thing.

So from this, I think I have decided that the norm is people are happy to read about it in the paper, or Facebook, listen to it on the radio, watch it on the telly and chat to mates about it which is really sad. People need to get proactive and take an interest in matters that impact on their life. Get the family together and head out to a demonstration, ask your local politician what their views are on matters that you find important. Do not just accept matters as they have become but rather be proactive and make them the norm!

Again, I thank you for staying with me whilst I aired my thoughts, and I hope that you are having a lovely time xx

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