The trying skill of doing nothing!


A delightful hello to all and I hope that you are finding all you want in the day. I am truly amazed at just how trying it is just doing nothing. I normally have one of my medical reasons that I can blame but I decided to do some writing, colouring in, knitting and reading yesterday until the Easter break finished, with the hardest job I have had to do is organise a meal for myself. 

I know I have to follow up on medical information and sort out some financial matters ASAP and I have Government paperwork to submit, so I guess that I can justify the lazy days with the fact that I will have to run my feet off over the next couple of weeks. I still have found it a difficult task to master. When I am not well, the depression, anxiety, fibro, pain from my joints and all the rest of them, gives me a real reason to not be able to function as a normal person. 

I am very happy not having to do anything and having a pain level that has not gone above 6, so it has been a wonderful couple of days, I am still having trouble with remembering details but because I have not put any pressure on myself I simply pack that one up and start one of the other ones. One of the tasks I have to put on my to-do list is finding somewhere else to live. I am finding the travel to and from the island is to difficult for my body. It takes me an average of four days to recover from one seven-hour trip to the mainland. 

I have many tasks I have to work my way through and this couple of days of doing absolutely nothing but what I desired has shown me that there are several things that have to change in my life, For me to fix myself up and be the best version of me that I can be, I really need to have somewhere that will allow me easier access to medical, gym, health centres etc. I do know that the past few days has shown that if I do not put myself first I really can not expect anyone else to think I have any merit.


So before close and I wish you a wonderful day or evening, depending, on your part of the world, I would like to explain why I used Oscar to close this blog. Since I became ill in 2012 I have had much interaction with those who have an illness and have adjusted my behave so that the person felt worthwhile, but since I have become ill I have noticed that many people treat those who are different as they are of no value. These two days of doing nothing but what I have desired to do have shown me that much of my stress is because of the value that others have put on me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope that your week starts beautifully.

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    1. Yes I will post in Black if it makes it easier to read. I am dyslexic so the black on white can be a little tough on the eyes. However I have no problems bringing it back to the black before I post the blog.

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