There is no sincerer love, than the love of food!


A happy Easter Saturday to all and I hope that your weekend is providing you with relaxation. I am having a very calming one as the medicine that my doctor has put me on is working and I am sleeping a bit better than I have been. I have also been able to look at recipe books. My doctor told me that often when you are stressed and have trouble sleeping and eating it can be that you are not having enough variety in your food intake.

When I was thinking about eating as a child and the way I feed my children as they were growing up, we had a wide selection of food – stews, casseroles, roast, meals that were was a broad selection of meat, vegetable, homemade gravy, all of which was purchased at the local veggie store, butchers and general store. Most of the produce was from local farms and tasted good.

Now I have no idea where any of the foods I eat comes from. Most of the ready to go meals look good but really is lacking taste. Everything is quick and easy but most certainly lacking in taste, I often wonder if there is any nutritional value in it. Since I got ill in 2013 I have collected some cookbooks that look like they would go in helping me deal with the fibro. 


What has interested me the most is that many of the books I have actually gotten to assist me actually give a  break down of what they do when they are inside the body – detoxifying, hair, skin, antioxidant-rich, immunity booster, digestion, energy booster – so you can see what the benefit will be and plan so that your body is getting what it needs. However, being ill, suffering from mental illness, losing the ability to organise yourself with a proper regular eating pattern. Missing the standard three meals a day, not having enough energy to get the meals put together. I hate shipping because I have so many problems working out what is good to go and what really to hit the bin, I also have days where I can cook three meals a day but I then get a couple of bad days and the depression takes over.

As I have gone through the cookbooks I have found numerous recipes that are quite easy to prepare….3 or 4 ingredients and good nutrient value. So I have been going through the books and using coloured stick it’s marking the ones I will like but are also easy to prepare. So now that we have me on the medicine that  will   help with the moods I should be able to end the routine eating into a pattern

Well, thank you once again for reading my thoughts and allowing me the freedom to get them organised toward some sort of working order. I hope that your day and night is happy and gentle with you.

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