Cocaine is God’s way of telling you, you are making too much money – Robin Williams

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A beautiful hello to you and  I hope that you are having a delightful evening or day wherever you are! This is not going to be a long blog as I am doing as the doctor said I would, and with the drugs kicking in really quickly I am sleeping on and off. It is really heavy sleep for three to four hours then I wake up for a short period and cook some food, watch tv, or knit and I am then drifting back off.

With the little bit of really solid sleep I am now getting, I can not get over how much better I am feeling. I am really doozy but when I am awake I can actually move without the high levels of pain, My doctor is going to send me off for a couple of tests as she thinks that I may have developed a curvature of the spine from the fibro. My left-hand side is shorter than it was in 2013, and Jocelyn said that would explain the extra pain and the trouble I have had getting in safety

I am sitting here at the moment with an Avengers movie on, my cup of coffee made and working on this blog going into the third hour, keep dozing off but it is certainly making me deal better. I think I should be a little more creative and most certainly working a bit quicker, it is just in blocks with sleep quarters intermixed, I am not nodding off just allowing the creative juices to follow freely!!!

Yesterday whilst I was shopping I found two new creative books that show me how to blend with different paints, etc and a couple of  ways to expand the tools and how you set up the pencils and my workstation  so I have all the tools where  I need item – all so I will have a good area to work.

I am not too sure just how much sense this blog makes as I am really having trouble getting the mind to hang any sense together properly….but it is so much better then I have been for the past fortnight.

Thank you for having a read and I hope that your stay safe for the next twenty-four hours.

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