Always look on the bright side of life!


Well, a very happy Easter to all, I know that they are many who do not follow the easter ideology but I figure that any excuse to eat a chocolate is a good thing. I generally hope that everyone is feeling happy and relaxed. I always enjoyed the Easter break as it allowed for me to get a really good break organised – camping won out most of the time. I spent much of my childhood into early young adulthood in Far North Queensland with all that beautiful rainforest areas, really could not have found any better.

As I am not feeling the best I will just be going for a walk this afternoon, do the dishes and have a go at drawing up an owl as an easter owl for the front window on Sunday morning, For no better a reason then I enjoy owls and I think that one  majestic owl would look so beautiful with a little basket of lovely ninety percent mint chocolate eggs! One is allowed to dream…

I have been catching up on my sleep and am really surprised at the difference it makes in my ability to do different task. After having spoken to my doctor on Wednesday, she did a review about the different task she wants me to do as I get more sleep so I can get a routine into place, which means I can do more, that will then help me to get more control into place. To start with she has given me muscle building task to improve the simple task that causes issues at present, make and holding a cuppa for example. 

My doctor thinks that the specialists are not taking enough notice of the fibro when they are putting together my routines, which means that the fibro is running amuck and doing just as it likes, therefore, adding to the pain and inability to cope with anything during a fibro flare-up.

So all and all I have had a couple of ‘getting better’ days…I am doing my regular task without feeling like I am dying, Eating is not something that is making me feel ill. I am asleep within half an hour of my head hitting the pillow, and sleeping in blocks of about four hours. I am not crying before I go to have a shower because I know now that the pain level is back to one I can cope with.  My doctor now has me on magnesium powder which she has said that I will notice a huge difference.

So once again thank you for giving up your valuable time to read what is happening in my world. I hope that all has been excellent in your world and that the Easter break treats you well, 

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