Getting a routine!

Well, it is 3.20 am Thursday morning here and I have just woken up. I did visit both my psychologist and doctor Wednesday and my GP has given me painkillers and a sleeping tablet, both obviously worked as I got home at 4.20 in the afternoon, and pretty much went straight to bed. I have been sleeping and it has been really nice, my doctor told me that it will about a week to work then I should be back in the routine of night sleeping. This one is part of the fibromyalgia but my doctor said that the misbalance in the brain would not be helping and if the headaches get too much then it is straight to the hospital. So even though it was a really long day it was a good day for me.

This is a quote my doctor gave to me today when I was telling her just how much it knocking me around with the looking healthy and getting the nasty comments about just looking for an easy out.

Well, a delightful hello to all and I hope that your day has been kind to you. I will often get on here to do my blog and think about what I have done for my day and think about the other friend I have made via this blog and what they are doing with their day. I find it interesting learning about how others use their time, how their life is filled and what others find important. I have a friend here on the Island and we going walking with each other when our health is up to it and I found out that she was a teacher as well, when we had been walking we would just talk about silly things, but one afternoon some of the school kids stopped to chat and when they left she said how much she missed chatting with kids. Of course, as retired teachers, the rest of the conversation was about our kids and how great they are.

I am in no man’s land at the moment as the medical profession have now officially decided that I can not do any form of work and that just doing what most would class as ‘a wipe over’ at the house  So my writing, blogging, Facebook page, colouring in. painting and knitting will be it for a while, Of course, I think I will spring clean the house, you know, a wall at a time, cob webbing until I get tired, mopping just the one room, cleaning out the cupboards, you know what I am talking about. Feel useful but not push my health too much.

Well again thank you for joining me for a reading and I hope that all in your life is really great. 

What I will be doing in the future

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