“It is not the bruises on the body that hurt. It is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind.”

A cheery hello and I hope that your Sunday has treated you whit much love and laughter. Sunday’s are always for just plain good old fashion relaxing and caring for you and the loved ones. I am hoping that your upcoming week treats you like you are the most special person on the planet and you achieve all you want to. My blog today is going to be one of those I am going to base on the title, I found it whilst scanning through the pages on Goodreads and it really touched my inner me. 


Society is excellent at putting labels on everything. I had a response from one of my friends who read one of my pieces yesterday ” Okay, there are times it feels like a curse, but mostly, I feel privileged. I am me, not anyone else.” and I really know that she put it together beautifully. I feel at odds when I am with those who show no freedom of thought or bend the rules. Those who think that what society has set down as the ‘normal’ and the ones who do not follow are the problem. Creativity is the honourable skill to be admired and held in high esteem. It changes our society, makes us see the world in different ways. Sadly in today’s society, it is the five bedroom, two cars, double story, pool in the garden homes that are held in high esteem. We no longer know our neighbour’s names, our meals are not homed prepared, we simply rely on the easy options in everything we do. Therefore those of us that like to still connect with nature and are still happy to be just us…no desire to look as if we owe the world.

I am a teacher (it is a role that you never lose…people who stop sharing knowledge have stopped living), and my little people are so inspirational, everything is so new, there are no rules, there is nothing that we can not do,,,, the world is to be used as a huge adventure ground without any rules. Sadly society then steps in and gives them a list of rules that they MUST follow or they are the ODD ONE.  What none of the ‘normal adults’ realise is that every time they tell the little person, that a particular behaviour is wrong, unsuitable, not normal, they slowly change the freedom of the child’s thinking pattern, and begin to create a robot. 

Anyone who has been reading my blog for any length of time will know that I come from an abusive childhood, lived through an abusive marriage, so I have always believed that there is something wrong with me and that my negative behaviour was a rebellion against the adults and society. However, I have always had an incredibly creative imagination and a gift with words, but no adult in my world encouraged me to see where I could go with this. I write all the time but have never been game enough to try to get anything published because I am terrified of rejection. 

So heading back to the title I picked for this blog…I have been hit brutally, to the point where I have had to be hospitalised, and yes that has hurt me but the pain does disappear eventually. Sadly the words that people use to inform me that my words are of no worth and that I am simply wasting my time…” you are not a writer…you are wasting your time…find something useful to do with your life…”, have really scared me. I have been left with feelings that I have no worth or value, for words to me are magical…Lucy, Bilbo, Batavia, Hazel and Fiver Sneak, are the characters that helped me created my special world….why does that make me the odd, mentally challenged character. 


I have everyone telling me that this is how I am! Is it wrong to want to close myself off from the world whilst I write and spend MY time creating characters, my adventures, my special language, my tales? If I am allowed to put these ideas into characters, adventures and tales that rush around in my head, why does that make me unbalanced? If I have friends in my head that talk to me, why should I be abnormal? I call it creativity and I encouraged it in the little ones I taught, so maybe the grown-ups should start to spend more time with their little ones and learn how to see the fun side of life.

Again thank you for reading my thoughts. I hope that your evening or day is just perfect!


One thought on ““It is not the bruises on the body that hurt. It is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind.”

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  1. I can relate to coming from a background where I was told I was wasting my time writing and had no talent. Until I met my husband. He’s my biggest champion. Words hold so much power. They truly are magical.

    Reading this post made me think of my neighbour’s little five year old. I saw him playing in the garden yesterday, and he was laughing like he would burst at the seams. It came from deep inside and was completely carefree. There was no self-consciousness. We don’t laugh like that as adults, do we? I wonder at what point we learn it’s not okay to do that.


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