Keep an open mind: it’s the only way new things get in!

A delightful hello to all my readers and I hope that your day has been treating you with much love and enjoyment, I have continued to do what I did yesterday but now mainly because two of my fellow bloggers share very personal views on how being different to mainstream society really is. It really got me thinking about the amazingly gifted people I have admired over the years. I have been learning and creating my individual personality, and more often than not the ‘establishment – my parents, formal education, workplace, normal social rules and regulations are not in alignment with how I view the world, but why does that make me the one that is wrong and needs to change how I am or what I do.

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This influenced me greatly on just how important it is to know just who you are and be proud of that, rather than work to make others pleased with you. My Nana shared this with me when I was still very young about four…she was also the one to tell me that I was allowed to have friends that others could not see as long as we were nice to everyone.

When we were young people and I am going back to the 1960s when kids played without too much parental overseeing, generally as a group of kids wild  in the local park, maybe ducking home for lunch. If we have a friend that no one else could see no one really took any notice….it was just what made you the little person that you were.  Be a little odd or different was not really that did a deal. The school was a little different as you were expected to sit, behave and follow directions as given. Some of us did manage with great expertise to break the rules with a lot of flair. However, if the adults had really paid attention they would have noticed that this was not negative behaviour but rather just a different way of looking at the world. Slowly over the years, the establishment that created the rules together with our adults, made us feel as if it was us that had problems, an inability to function as THEY think we should. 

My first job was with a workshop of males and it was live my life as I did growing up…life just happened, you made a mistake you would cop an ear load and then it was over. I had no odd behaviour because the blokes just view us as individuals and it made no difference what we did it was just who you were. I worked in the printing industry for nearly twenty-eight years and I never once encountered any difference in the behaviour. I never once felt as if I had to cover up who I was, my bizarre behaviour, my voices in my head, my fortune telling, telling the boys when they should not go on a certain holiday…never once did they make me feel as if I was not just a person, or that I needed to seek professional help with a psychologist. That came after I went to the ‘formal’ jobs – office work, educating, and so on.

Today because I still see the world in a different way, I do not think as the majority of people do I am the person that has the issues, I am the one with mental illness issues. When did the rulebook get changed say that those of us that see the world with different glasses, can hear voices that others can not see colours that are not visible to the regular person. I honestly think after having thought about this for nearly a week solidly that we do not have any issues, but rather we are lucky enough to keep the gifts and talents that our elders had and that if the ‘normal’ people stop filling us with drugs and allow us to create we will make a happier, prettier and more peaceful world.

Thank you again for spending your valuable time to read my thoughts. I hope that your Sunday is restful.


3 thoughts on “Keep an open mind: it’s the only way new things get in!

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  1. You know I agree with you. Individuality should be embraced and encouraged. We are lucky to be able to see the world slightly differently. Okay, there are times it feels like a curse, but mostly, I feel privileged. I am me, not anyone else.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. After this week of reading I have noticed just how different the creative artist we admire from history have really been different but have not really cared. Mafde me think that it may be the modern society that has the problem and not us.

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