Relaxing by walking with friends.

A sweet hello to all and I hope that your day has been good for you with much happiness and tranquilly. I have had a lazy day until I went for my walk. I undertook nearly two hours with my friends, and I even walked to the shop to get some feed for the wild birds that feed here plus some cat biscuits as well. We ended walking for two hours and the top three pictures show where we walked. I have added the bottom on as it is an aerial picture of the beautiful Macleay Island. It looks flat but it does have hills so you really do get a workout.

I have spent much of my day reading the words of fellow bloggers today and have been surprised by the number of writers that have some form of inability to connect with what we refer to as the normal section of society. As I looked back through history I looked at writers that stood out for their inability to align themselves with the rules of the normal…Shakespeare, Chaucer, Eliot, Dickens, Owen, Tolkien, Austen, Christie, Poe, Wells, Douglass and my favourite Oscar Wilde…they all share the ability to write beautifully but as for the rules and regulations of their society that was totally different. I think that society changed as a result of what they penned, that in reality, the pen is most certainly mightier than the sword, or control freaks who think they know better than us.

When I was walking with my friends today we were chatting about what we have and how it has impacted on our lives. The mental illnesses that have impacted on us have meant that our life is now misaligned with that of what is viewed as a normal society but just who makes up the rules for this society we do not fit in with. What if we are the creative ones, the Wells, Poe, Owens, etc of today’s society and the ‘normal’ mob are stopping the visionary birth of new ideas and concepts?

I have been a storyteller since the age of four and a writer from nine, it is the only skill that has been with me my entire life. No matter where I have been or what I have been doing it was words that kept me company. At every point, I have had ADULTS telling me that I do it because I can not handle my flaws or I simply just do not want to face the real world and it was a waste of time. I always knew that I would write books (I want to write history books for little people), and I love reading, I can not remember not having a book with me. Since my turn and the people, I am meeting via clinics, the wards and hospitals I am finding that we all seem to have one common link…the medical profession classify it as mental problems, but all the people I have been engaged with have all had some form of natural craft ability. I have met artists, poets, writers, sculptors, and the list continues. It all gets ignores and used as a way to amuse us when we are drugged up and sitting at the table with the activity staff organising us. 

Well, thank you for reading my little view on what the establishment is doing with the creativity in society. I hope that your day is sunny and your evening warm xx

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  1. You’re right. I’ve met a lot of fellow bloggers and writers, and I’d say the majority of them have things in their past, or things in their genes, that seem to spur their creativity. I guess it’s because we see the world slightly differently. I also think it shows in people’s writing when they are passionate about their subject.

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    1. Hi, and having read your blog from today I would agree with that completely. I think it is because that we are made to feel as if we are the ones out of step with society that it means there is something wrong with us. Thank you for your feedback, It is lovely to hear from you.

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      1. Yes, I agree. We are made to feel that we’re in some way wrong. But, I’ve started to realise that every person alive is different in some way. We should embrace our differences, and use our creativity. If we get the chance to use it to educate others, I think that’s a great thing to do.

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  2. That’s such a great post and what a beautiful walk …. where are you?? It looks lovely. I think you’re right you know – because there is always so much going on in our heads and we tend to be fairly sensitive, if we too read and learn how to write, I’m sure that we become far better writers because of the obstacles that we have to face, namely mental health issues. My brain is always going 90 to the dozen as my mother used to say, which is exhausting but there’s as a consequence so much to talk about, or indeed, write about. Lovely to meet you and lovely post! ☀️

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    1. Thank you for your reply. I live on Macleay Island which is off the coast of Brisbane Australia. And I also think it is lovely to meet you and I am reading you blogs. You have some very interesting ideas within them. I enjoy being lucky enough to meet new bloggers as I can get to see the world in a different way. Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog then share your ideas with me.

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