A busy day doing my thing!

A delightful hello to all and I hope that your day has been kind to you. I have had one of those odd days I have and no matter how determined I am to overcome these negative days my body will just do its own thing. I am hoping to get a proper night’s sleep so that I can wake as a normal person tomorrow morning and actually do some of the stuff I have on the ‘to do each day list’. Today I wanted to clean up the downstairs area as it is a wonderful area that would be great to set up for painting or a quiet reading area. One thing I have noticed is that it was raining yesterday and that seems to be a common link between my off days and decrease in energy.

I do know that since my coma I am certainly far more scared of differences in my health. Before the nine-day coma, a headache was just that, pain in my back was because I had moved the wrong way, pain or glassy eye vision was just poor weather, and the list continues, sadly now I get scared that it is something going wrong…I know that it is silly because the medical profession is testing so much and the ambulance has to respond straight away if I call as I am a priority patient. But then I have a day like today and I am back to where I started…I will have to talk to my psychologists about it next week and see how to deal with fixing it.

Well with my daughter’s help I am going vegetarian as of next Thursday. I really think that I will feel much better from a mental and loving side that it will certainly help me with improving the overall good health me. I would go vegan but I really could not go without my honey. 

I have made some new friends on the Island. One of the ladies has Fibro and is part of the Island Fibro Support Group and she is going to take me to the next meeting. The group simply chat with each other about what is causing them problems and how they fix them.

The other friend I have made is a lady who walks each afternoon with a male friend and I now walk with them on my good days. A couple of days ago we walk for one and a half hours. It is wonderful as I get to chat to people and it does not feel like I am exercising. She is a delightful lady with a great outlook on life. The gentleman we walk with is also very interesting and has many engaging things to talk about.

My task for tomorrow is to create a diary for myself for each day. I now know that I need to have a mid-day sleep for about two hours. I know that I have to get up about seven and have my lemon juice, honey and ACV before a walk (think I will start with just around the block),  come home and have my porridge breakfast and my medicals, followed by a shower. After that I will do a household task – load of washing, clean a room etc, plus the dishes as that is my daily task. I will then go and do some sort of activity that will help me rebuild the abilities that I have had damaged. I will need to keep better journals as at the moment I tend to write them up when I feel okay which really does not help me much.

Again thank you for reading what I have written, and the plans I am making. I hope that all is great in your life and all is going beautifully for you and those you love.


I am going to have a go at painting this one. I love cats and this has so many wonderful colours,


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    1. Thank you Karen and my daughter has been a vegetarian for years which is why she is going to help me. My sone is a vegan but I still have a few things I enjoy to much that a vegan has to give up.

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