Modem stopped so I had too as well…


Well, a big delightful hello to all and I hope that life has been treating you with much happiness, love and good fortune. As you can see from my title the modem decided to stop being a nice person, so my children had to organise a new one and like most things, in the twenty-first century, it takes forever to arrange. I had to giggle as in the old days the phone would go down, the typewriter would cease to work as it should, etc and life would continue because we still had many hand backups.

I have had a visit with my psychologist since the latest time we chatted and she is happy with the progress I am making. She wants me to start writing, in no specific order, just do a 1960s LSD type trip, and that way I should be able to get to issues that I have REALLY buried over the years. She is also leaning strongly toward me being bipolar rather than general depression. She also wants me to keep a dream journal so that I can write up ANY dream/nightmare/sessions that I experienced. It has to be beside the bed and written into as soon as I wake…no matter how out of it or scared I may be. 

Next week when I visit my doctor she will be organising full spinal x-ray as the specialist think that there are problems there that could be causing the pain and it may be able to be corrected which will make the weight loss and exercise easier.

Okay, that is the medical side of what I have been up to, now for the other portion of my life. I have been working hard on getting my eating into some sort of good routine, and I have met this lady on the Island and I go walking with her and her walking friend. I have also met another lady who has Fibro and found out that we have a support group here, and she is going to take me to the next meeting. So getting out more is coming along well.

I have been doing little bits on my crafts, not rushing into it so I do not make a mess of it and get myself upset and then not want to do it anymore. I also think that the fact that I have selected so many different ones to do allows me to stop getting bored and permits me to extend my mind. I am going to start to get back into cook again, up until now I have just been doing those microwave supermarket specials or the simple ones you do when you first leave home. I am certainly getting more confident with food and the whole process.

Well, it is wonderful to be back blogging and I have certainly missed it all. I hope that you all have a wonderful evening or delightful day wherever you are.

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