Still headding in the right direction!

Well as you know I had to see my psychologist today and I had a good day all in all. I have a new list of tasks set up to do and I feel inspired by it all. I left the house at 6.30 am this morning and did not get back until 4,30pm, unpacked the groceries and have just finished all the task I have set up for me to do each day…I sm very tired but proud of the fact that I have achieved what I had on the list to do.

I hope that your day has treated you with much fun and love and that it is one worth remembering. I always wonder what the other bloggers do during their day or evening. Today I decided to have my hair cut and styled, as it was looking so dreaded and lifeless because of all the medical treatments and medicines I take. This delightful hairdresser has told me that she will be able to keep it look delightful and I am going to pop in every five weeks. I think it looks so good and I think I may even get a colour in the next visit. I think that if the face I have looked back at me from the mirror is someone that looks decent I may find myself more likely to try to achieve or reach for higher standards. 

Well, I have had a really big day so I am going to say goodnight and sweet dreams or have a great day, depending on where you are in the world. Thank you for dropping by to see how my day has been. 

I got a new haircut today, I just needed that pick me up and I am so happy with the finished style.

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