Stone Age here we are!


A delightful Sunday to all and thank you for dropping by to see what I have to share. Well, it is not that much as I have been dragged kicking and screaming back to the stone age. A little water from the sky and modern technology disappears. It has been a nightmare and if anyone had said to me in 2000 “Adrienne you will become totally dependent on that little machine I would have broken a rib or two with laughter.”

Oops, all that research I had planned for today is no longer on the cards and I guess I will just have to watch a couple of DVD’s and maybe read a book, colour in a picture, just take it easy. Life is so funny I can remember when I got my first computer. I was a mature aged student and my children were in grade two and three, so of course, they were old hands with that IT stuff…I swore that I would never produce my assignments or do any research on the silly look thing. I did continue to do the bulk of my research the old fashion way but the handwritten assignments lasted about two months. I will be honest I use the computer as the base point for my research but still use books for the actual research (could also be the bookbinder in me)

We are having a heavy wet season here this year the likes of which we have not seen for a while. so that is most like the reason for the problems but for a first world country that is well known for its massive rain season you think that someone would have this sorted by now.

I did enjoy it yesterday afternoon, the kid’s needed some shopping from the little store down the road, so I went down because it was like growing up in the North and walking everywhere in the rain…simply adore it!


Well, I am going off to enjoy my Sunday (with a clear conscience) and I hope that yours is as enjoyable. Thank you for dropping by to see what I am doing with my world.


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