Routine worked out!

A happy hello to all and I hope that the end of the week has been kind to you. I hope that everyone as a wonderful weekend worked out for themselves and their loved ones. I have surprised myself with what I have been able to achieve this week that I have worked out a routine, and have started getting back into it at my pace.

My son is going to do up an iPod shuffle so that I have MY style of music to listen to and my daughter is going to let me do the housework that I enjoy, cleaning walls, cupboards, dishes and washing the windows, so hopefully that will help me regain my memory and rebuild the loss of muscle density on the left-hand side of my body. Once I have that in a working order I will be able to get myself a pushbike and go riding again.

I have decided that if I want to recover at all I really do need to take it easy…my psychologists and the changing the eating routine showed me that if I actually do follow the direction of my medical team I will actually get there and most likely faster than I could have thought.


Because of all the downtime, I have had this week where I really have had serious thinking time and I have never not been in control of my comings and goings. I have only ever put my two children first for anything and that was only until they became independent and no longer needed me hanging around. Now I have to rely on so many others for assistance that I simply need to accept that I am a mere mortal and take it one step at a time.

I have decided that I want to try my hand at painting, I am going to get back into my knitting, macrame and crocheting, of course, I will continue to do my writing, colouring in for relaxation and my reading because I love it. I am going to research foods and the benefits they have for your health and work out an eating routine for myself. If I have this extra time I may as well use it for my benefit.

Well, thank you again for listening as I sort out what I am going to do on my road to reclaiming my health and wellbeing. I hope that you have a wonderful evening or day depending on where you are! xx

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