A quick hello to all…..

A belated and quick hello, I think I will be lucky to actually get this posted. the seventh of March, as we have thunderstorms and the weather is playing with the IT system. Now I have that out of the way I will give you a really quick round-up of my medical visit on Tuesday.

I have to go for a full brain scan to see what is happening. The MIR is not as it should be, so that is four now with four different results. They all so want me to have my spine, both hips and knees x-ray or scanned to see what can be done to fix the other problems. I have a curve of the spine and it also looks like my hips are not lined up. I MUST get back to 54kilos as the specialists said that it will certainly make a difference in being able to control the pain and with being able to build up my muscle tone to support the problems I have with the bones. 

So while it may not sound like great news, it certainly gives me a focus and direction. I know that my GP will have some answers to the hip and knee problems.

Again, thank you for joining me and I hope that your day tomorrow is wonderful.

What we are having at the moment…and it keeps dropping out the IT.


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    1. Thank you for the support again. I am going to make a pretty weightlost calendar plus keep ongoing journals,for both food and exercise so that I keep it as an important matter. I am also going to get my GP to help me organise a fun exercise programme.

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