Let this Sunday bring you lots of smiles…

Good Morning from Australia and a beautiful hello. I hope that your weekend is treating you with much happiness and you are having heaps of fun. It is really hot here again today and I am going to leave my tasks until this evening as it is way to hot to do anything that requires you actually moving around. 

I am planning to sleep the day away as my left-hand side is giving me huge problems again, and stopped me from getting a good nights rest. I am going to have to get serious about finding a place to live and get out from under the kid’s feet. Once I have my own place I will be able to get all the actual bits and pieces I need to make my life easier as it could be. I need to have access to medical water sessions, muscle massage sessions, regular workgroups and a list of other things that are difficult to assess from the Island because the walk to the ferry is over 3 km, and for a person who has numerous spinal, knee and hip issues, together with other problems that make it difficult I think the move to the mainland is for the better.

I do not want people to think that I am complaining about all of this. I have worked with our young people for quite a while finding their place, and I have supported them be it finding new homes, dealing with family or relationship abuse and so on. But has really surprised me is just how difficult it has been dealing it on my own. I have a problem remembering anything, getting any form of motivation  I have so much trouble finding the energy to do anything that a healthy fifty year can do. My medical term is telling me…just one step at a time Adrienne, but that is so difficult for me as I am just so used to doing things as I want when I want.

I know I am getting there and again I thank you for reading my words and I hope that the rest of your weekend is found with much joy and laughter I am off to make a wonderful herbal tea and settle in to watch a DVD I love with John Cusack as the perfect man! 

I love it when you see images that are out of the normal.

4 thoughts on “Let this Sunday bring you lots of smiles…

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  1. You will get here, Adrienne. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and take it one step at a time. From what I’ve read through your blog posts, you’re a strong person. So I know you can do this.

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