Happy Birthday Shaz xx

Shaz is the beautiful blonde, I am the other one.

A big hi to all and I hope that your day has been good but today’s blog is especially for one reason. My best mate is fifty-three years old today and I have had the honour of being her friend for over half of that. 

We encountered each other at a trade school, Shaz is a graphic designer and I am a binder and finisher, so it was heaps of fun as it was a male trade and few women. Both of us had a love of cars, in fact, I think we had more ‘boy’ type interest then girl ones. Much to our mother’s horrors were pretty much because of what we did not want was expected of us. 

Our friendship has lasted the raising of offspring, having husbands for a while…I will give Shaz this she made her marriage last so much longer than me, but patience was always one of her special traits. Shaz gives her loyalty,  and love, she is honest, and what you see is what you get….she is one unique person.

We may not have always lived close to each other but we have only ever been that phone call away. I often watch those movies or read the novel where the best friend is there through thick and thin and I know it is not made up that some of us are lucky enough to have that best friend in our life.

So many happy returns for your special day Shaz xx

And thank you to my readers for staying with me whilst I wish my best mate happy birthday!

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