My lost day…

A cheerful Friday greeting to you and I hope that you are getting ready for a delightful weekend. Well, I now know that I can not do too much when I have appointments of any sort. I lost yesterday completely. I had a full on Fibro flare-up with a migraine….

Not to bad today still not 100% but able to actually do something that made me feel human. I have a specialist appointment next Tuesday afternoon, then the next morning I have another one, which is a group meeting where we all talk about our issues and how we deal with them. One week after that and it is the same again, first specialist appointment Tuesday and then my psychologist’s appointment on Wednesday. I think I need to see my GP on Wednesday as well. So I am thinking that I will most likely be sleeping the rest of the week away.

I have been going well with the change to the eating routine. I had not noticed just how poorly I had been eating, it is not surprising that I could not function properly. I am not losing much in weight but I am just feeling a little better. The impact of the stroke with the short term memory loss is still very noticeable but the weakness doing tasks such as having a shower are becoming easier.

I still have my anxiety attacks and the depression is there but it is becoming far more controllable. I still think my worst issue is that I lost nine days in a coma and it made me realise that I am a human being who will one day pass on! Now that my medical team have me doing the little tasks where I can actually see results, and feel as if I am really doing things I am feeling like I can gain control back for myself.

Well thank you again for dropping in to read my blog, I very much appreciate the fact that others are interested in my life. I hope that your day was wonderful and your dreams are heavenly. 

I use to do Macrame (child of the 60s) when I was much young and made pot plant holders, belts and heaps of other bit and pieces, I remember it being so much fun so I thought if I got this done I can pick it up again.

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