Just one of those days…

A cheerful hello and I hope that you have been having a wonderful day. It has been a good day in my part of the world. The weather not to hot, and a gentle breeze blowing for most of the day. I had my psychologist appointment this morning then did the food shopping, and finished it off with a lovely fresh salad roll on a multi-grain roll with a pineapple smoothie. Definitely worth the trip to town.

My psychologist is happy with what I did over the past fourteen days, however, this fortnight she whats to see me extend it to looking at the emotions that change my desire to eat or not eat. This way we can work out what the trigger is for my negative and destructive eating routine. I also have to keep a journal on the sort of activities I do and how I feel when I do them…I think this will be interesting as I know before I had the stroke in June I would always write to deal with any problems.

I have one of my specialist appointments brought forward to the fifth of May so this has me a little worried but I hit the craft shop to get the rest of the supplies I need to complete my son’s painting, I picked up supplies to make a macrame plant hanger for my daughter and I got a multicoloured wool to make myself a scarf for the cooler weather. So that should keep me busy and stop me from worrying too much about the results.

I am going to sign off now as it has been a big day and I am very sore and tired. I still have to do dinner and then I think it will be straight to bed. Again thank you for taking your valuable time to read about what I did today it is very appreciated.images (1)

3 thoughts on “Just one of those days…

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  1. Well done you’re making good progress and have some great craft projects planned.
    The activity journaling will help you recognise activities that influence your mood, both good and bad.
    Hope your day is good x

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