My doctor is…


My usual hello to you and I hope that the start of your week has been enjoyable. I have spent most of the day on the phone. I am a public patient here and your name goes on the list and you wait until you get to the top of the list, or your test result is not quite as they should be before you see the specialist. The last MRI I had has got me jumped from seeing the specialist at the end of March to seeing him on the 5th, so there is something there that should not be!

I do not have any time to worry about it today as one of the other teams I have been waiting on, rang to tell me that someone else has cancelled and if I would want to take the vacancy it was mine…it is for tomorrow, so that was a YES. This one is an important one for me as it goes all the way back to my first injured back in 1999 (work related) and all the other bone/joint ones come from this one. I know that because of the extra weight I carry they will not even look at doing any of the operations that may fix these problems. It may be as simple as if the weight comes off the pain will become low enough that I can actually live with it. So the visit is important to me.

My mental health unit has an appointment set up for the 6th of March, but this one is okay because the girls just ask me how I have been dealing with life and if I need any support or help. It is generally just like ‘girlfriends’ have a cuppa.

On Wednesday I have my appointment with Corinne, so we will review my eating plan and then I can go shopping. When I do my shopping I am only going to do the one week so I am not locked in with the foods and I can experiment with what I like and what is easy to put together. I am also going to grab lemons and limes and make myself heaps of ice-cubes for my water. If I am going to get into a good eating pattern I might as well explore the different ways I can do this.

When I see Corinne on Wednesday I will have to tell her about my nightmares and the fact that when I wake up I go straight for food that is straight out of the junk food manual. I just eat without thinking about it. Obviously a work on area. It is interesting that I had not noticed until she started me keeping this food journal.

I am feeling much better with the suggestion from my medical team that we get me eating three meals a day and work it up to being good foods. I have weight in lighter than when I started (not by much but enough to make me feel happy),  and I and now aware of when I have not eaten. 

Thank you for staying with me and taking an interest in how my life is going. I hope that your day has been good and you are feeling wonderful.

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